We offer an honest platform to bring you quality, trust, relationships and synergies because we know that we are not working with a computer or a machine. We work with PEOPLE!
We offer a diamond fund to protect you and your business from bad debt under the umbrella of SIGNATURE DIAMOND FUND (SDF).
We provide an excellent platform for business inquiries and opportunities no matter who you are in Logistics, E-Commerce or Supply Chain.
We find you optimum values for conferences and meetings so we can bring you the best environment for success.
We find you better partners to work with to establish a working relationship with.
We welcome everyone from every city and every country, however, it is limited to qualified ones and is limited to a maximum of 3 members in each city in general except for big cities countries like China, USA, India to name a few.
A minimum of two years’ experience in one of the industries of Logistics, E-Commerce or Supply Chain and if there are available slots left in the city where your office is located.
You must provide your company's qualifications.
We do not offer free or trial membership, however, we do extend reasonable membership fees in order to grow a healthy network.
We do offer a great opportunity of building partnerships and friendships as we believe that to build up trust begins with building up a personal relationship.
We care about you and your future!
We do offer a network that you can trust, rely on, grow and succeed. Without you there is no success.

Kristy Guo (Cuilan)
Founder of SGN

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Meet Kristy Guo (Cuilan), the visionary Founder, President, and Owner of Signature Global Network PTY. With more than two decades of logistics and leadership expertise, Kristy is an award-winning Chinese-born Australian, an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and influencer celebrated for her dynamic leadership and influence in both global networking and inspirational leadership. Kristy Guo is not just a business leader; she is a beacon of positivity and inspiration. Her diverse talents and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world set her apart, making her a leader who not only achieves success but also spreads joy and hope wherever she goes. Kristy Guo’s achievements span diverse areas, from entrepreneurship and literature to community leadership and global networking, reflecting her commitment to making a positive difference in various spheres of life.

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The joyful leader in You.




To grow our members to be their own best version, and to build up a superhero HQ in the logistics/supply chain world.


To be extremely helpful, to be unique and unreplaceable with not just the coverage of the world that reaches every single place in the world but also be the FIRST one that all customers or logistics companies will firstly think and turn to get help. We get ready for the uncertainties and work together as ONE heart!

Why Sponsor SGN?

Signature Global Network PTY LTD – SGN is the unique and stand-alone network that is focusing on our core values: Quality, Trust, Relationship and Mutual Synergies

Our network is not just a purely business growth focused network, but a people growth network. Without people, there is no value in this network.

Our network is here to help people, build up people’s relationships, but also to build up the trustful platform to expand the mutual synergies as we believe ‘ 1 + 1 = 3 ‘.

Our network is highly focused on our SGN value and bringing fun and enjoyment to our members’ lives.

As a sponsor in our network you will be able to share in the same values as SGN and your logo will not just be displayed in our website that is linked to your company’s website. You will be able to increase your business opportunities through our network. It potentially increases your exposure to great organizations as well as professional elites around the world.

Sponsor slots are limited, please make your choice now!

We find you better partners to work with to establish a working relationship with.