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Invitation Letter from
SGN Founder/President
Ms Kristy Guo

Don’t miss out!!!! Watch this video first!

I know you can’t wait! So are we! The great memory of 2023 SGNC is still freshly in our minds.

Let’s have a quick recall of our SGNC 2023 here. SGNC01 – Signature Global Network (signaturegln.com)

Finally, this is happening. & As usual, we will be the first global logistics network who is having the conference in the new year 2024.

After checking most major logistics network events and considering all the important elements such as Ramadan, Chinese New Year, the distance and time from one event and another, and so on. We have decided to make it happen in the Philippines. The planned dates will be 19 – 21st Feb, 2024.

After consideration, we also want to bring you a NEW experience. So we have chosen to go to the Philippines. The reasons are listed on a separate page.

All details will be posted on our website and via newsletters to you all.

This time, we are expecting up to 200 attendees.

Reasons why you should come:

1. Be part of the SGNC History and make beautiful memories.

2. We will bring so much different and creative elements to make it special. There will be things such as SGN Members Bonding Games, Awards, Interviews, Photo Booths, One-on-One professional time, Party time, and your own free time, etc. We are also planning to make a The Logistics People Got A Talent Charity Show – All details are posted on the meeting registration guide.

3. You will see so many intelligent logistics business owners and profound leaders who may not appear in many of the other events but coming to ours. That will make the most effective communication with the size of the network, particularly in the initial years of our networking events.

4. For existing members, you will be potentially getting some great awards which we would nominate earlier and vote to show our recognition to you! Thank you for your contributions. You don’t want to miss it!

5. For any logistics companies who are not members yet, you can take advantage to apply for members and attend (after going through the process and approval, and if you know someone who is already part of our networks that could potentially speed up your application). Then you will have the opportunity to see and check if this is what you are desired, as so many SGN existing members are already enjoying a wonderful and successful experience with us. You have the right to judge only if you come and see.

6. You will see our energy and passion for the SGN spirit in this event, there will be great opportunities, ideas, and activities on building up more team bonding and trust together. Lots of fun!

7. You will find great opportunities for branding as SGN has been growing and we have got some great Media Sponsors and Partners who will be here as well. This saves you so much extra money to do the branding.

8. You will save so much of your money flying to so many other countries to find some valuable partners in the world, because we have already got it filtered and we have got your back.

9. For any non-SGN members who are still thinking, we guarantee that you will find a great purpose to join our superhero HQ of the logistics/supply chain industry, not just survive, but thrive and truly enjoy your logistics life.

People will never regret things they did, but only for the things they didn’t do or try.

10. For existing SGN members, we look forward to seeing you bringing your wonderful team members to be in this event and enjoy 100%. It will 100% bring you great success in business results and take a qualified time for personal growth and some relaxing time as well. Bring as many people as you can to build up the team bonding time and more opportunities to meet overseas partners in person!

We always encourage work hard and play hard to make sure you keep your passion all the time.

There is a magic power to meeting in person!!

DON’T miss out on this opportunity!!!!!!


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