Invitation Letter from
SGN Founder/President
Ms Kristy Guo

Dear all beautiful SGN members, and potential members,

Where else but in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam can you spend 3 days from 3rd to 5th February 2023?

Can’t believe it, right? From starting of the business to now, we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback in and out of our network.  First, I want to say a big ‘Thank you! All of you are our purpose to make a dream come true. Our goal is to bring value to all our members.

We are so honoured and thrilled to invite you to join this very special, unique, and super important event in the global logistics world! SGN will be launched within 1 year by then.

We decide to hold this conference because the reason is simple: Our mission is to ensure our members are having a great experience!

With the global inflation going on, we think it is important to consider everyone’s cost as well as the practical situation to make you enjoy the most and enjoy more by spending the same or less amount of money.

What a coincidence and how good it is to hold SGN’s conference in SGN, the port code of Ho Chi Minh!

Choosing this place will help you cost much less time and money but experience a higher quality of service

Vietnam has become one of the most important export countries in the last few years and more business opportunities are increasing every day.

It will be a time that has no conflict with any other big events of the logistics world in general.

It will be 1 week right after CNY that there won’t be too many distractions with thinking of resolving any urgent bookings or supply chain operational problems.  It will give you great peace of mind.

Don’t miss out!!!!

1, You will be the first member’s group ever to appear in our SGN conference and SGN history. We SGN are going to be stronger and bigger every day.

2, We will bring so much different elements to make it special. There will be things such as SGN Anniversary, Awards, Interviews, Photo Booths, One-on-One professional time, Party time and your own free time, etc.

3, You will see so many intelligent logistics business owners and profound leaders who may not appear in many of the other events but coming to ours. That will make the most effective communication with the size of the network, particularly in the very first year.

4, For existing members, you will be potentially getting some meaningful awards which we would nominate earlier and vote to show our recognition to you! You don’t want to miss it!

5, For any logistics companies who are not members yet, you can take advantage to apply members and attend (after going through the process and approval, and if you know someone who is already part of our networks that could potentially speed up your application). Then you will have the opportunity to see and check if this is what you are desired, as so many SGN existing members are already enjoying a wonderful and successful experience with us. You have the right to judge only if you come and see.

6, You will see our energy and passion for the SGN spirit in this event, there will be great opportunities, ideas, and activities on building up more team bonding and trust together. Lots of fun!

7, You will find great opportunities for branding as SGN has been growing and we have got some great Media Sponsors and Partners who will be here as well. This saves you so much extra money to do the branding.

8, You will save so much of your money flying to so many other countries to find some valuable partners in the world, because we have already got it filtered and we have got your back.

9, For any non-SGN members who are still thinking, we guarantee that you will find a great purpose to join our superhero HQ of the logistics/supply chain industry, not just survive, but thrive and truly enjoy your logistics life.

People will never regret things they did, but only for the things they didn’t do or try.

10, For existing SGN members, we look forward to seeing you bringing your wonderful team members to be in this event and enjoy 100%. It will 100% bring you great success in business results and take a qualified time for personal growth and some relaxing time as well. Bring as many people as you can to build up the team bonding time and more opportunities to meet overseas partners in person!

We always encourage work hard and play hard to make sure you keep your passion all the time.

There is a magic power to meeting in person!!

DON’T miss out on this opportunity!!!!!!






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