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The logistics influencer academy – TLIA is designed to help logistics leaders and superheroes to achieve a higher level of personal growth and continuously grow to be a better version of themselves as well as being the influencer to the logistics world and the whole world.

This academy includes the below program you will get access to the updates. Different programs will have different prices for each project.


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Do you want someone who has already written and published international best-seller books to guide you?

Do you want someone who understands your background and industry, admires, and appreciates you and your industry, guides you and finds the best in you?

Do you want to enjoy being an author, sharing your stories, and leaving all other complicated processes to us?

Then this is for you!!! 


The logistics business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, directors, or/and logistics people who are in this industry for a long time and want a personal growth breakthrough.


To join The Logistics Influencer Academy, you can get access to the below – to name a few:

Helpful tools, lessons, and programs to become the logistics influencer, author, professional speaker, and coach.
Subscription of first-hand information to the influencer world.
The updated newsletters, videos, and content that you need to become an influencer.
Access to updated events or updates regarding the Logistics Influencers in the online group.
The friendship group with worldwide quality levelled entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers.
The yearly online member badge being part of SGN Logistics Influencer Academy.
Free online webinar events regarding how to reach your goal to become an influencer.
Life-time growth in personal development and career development.


The real-life Logistics Legends &
The inspirational logistics leaders and superheroes!


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