Signature Global Network Hosts Successful SGNC Cebu Conference, Uniting Global Leaders and Inspiring Positive Change
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Signature Global Network Hosts Successful SGNC Cebu Conference, Uniting Global Leaders and Inspiring Positive Change

Cebu City, Philippines – February 19th, 2024 – Signature Global Network PTY LTD (SGN),
a leading force in the logistics industry, recently concluded its highly successful SGNC Cebu Conference,
marking a significant milestone in global collaboration and industry innovation.

With over 100 registered conference leaders and close to 100 global attendees,
the SGNC Cebu Conference brought together esteemed delegates from 25 countries worldwide,
including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and more.
This remarkable representation highlights the growing influence and global reach of SGN,
with member offices spanning across diverse continents and cultures.

A fantastic video highlight for everyone to enjoy: 

Compared to last year’s inaugural conference, which hosted 60 attendees, this year’s event
witnessed a remarkable 70% increase in participation, underscoring SGN’s expanding
network and growing influence within the logistics community.

The conference was filled with engaging activities and impactful sessions,
including bonding games that fostered camaraderie among members.
Attendees were inspired by the motivational speech delivered by SGN CEO,
Ms. Kristy, which instilled confidence and sparked enthusiasm among participants.

Highlighting the spirit of unity and diversity, the cocktail night on February 19th showcased
multinational costumes, symbolizing the collective strength and solidarity of the SGN community.

Throughout the conference, attendees actively participated in various activities,
fostering connections, sharing laughter, and celebrating successes. Ms. Kristy, CEO of SGN,
emphasized the importance of continuous improvement, stating, “There’s always room to improve,”
while expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support and participation.

In alignment with its commitment to social responsibility, SGN conducted outreach
activities in collaboration with the Everlasting Hope Charity, providing meals and support to
70 children and families affected by cancer. A total donation of 78156.4 PHP was raised,
reflecting SGN’s dedication to making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

The success of the SGNC Cebu Conference was made possible through the generous support of major sponsors,
including Signature Global Network PTY LTD, Eastrong International Logistics (S) PTE LTD, Union Logistics, Inc.,
and others. Additional sponsors contributed to the event’s success, demonstrating a shared
commitment to industry advancement and community development.

In addition to fostering collaboration and networking opportunities, SGN also facilitated
team-building activities and strategic discussions, laying the groundwork for future
growth and innovation within the organization.

More about Signature Global Network (SGN):
“Connecting Logistics Innovators, Shaping Tomorrow’s Trade”

Signature Global Network (SGN) is a global network committed to driving positive
change within the logistics industry and beyond. As a catalyst for innovation and collaboration,
SGN offers a diverse range of programs and initiatives designed to empower
individuals and companies to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Beyond business, SGN actively engages in charitable endeavors and community outreach,
embodying its core values of quality, trust, relationships built, and mutual synergies. With a vision to create
a worldwide ONE Community, SGN invites individuals and organizations to join in its
mission of uniting global pioneers and driving sustainable growth and prosperity.

SGN CEO Ms. Kristy Guo and some of her members from the Philippines wearing their national traditional costumes.

The Conference attendees were playing the game on the stage, full of joy and fun.

The attendees with all types of national costumes. Full of energy, joy and unity.

Everyone in the conference was having fun for the games.

20th February 2024

The ribbon cut. Ms. Kristy Guo the CEO/Founder of SGN.

Group photo after the opening.

SGN CEO Ms. Kristy Guo in the middle, and the event sponsors.
From left to right: Mr. Torsten from Yes Logistics Germany, Mr. Mike from SPI Canada,
Mr. Joseph from Union Logistics USA, Mr. Gavin from Alien Logistics Malaysia,
Ms. Kristy Guo – Founder/CEO of Signature Global Network PTY LTD,
Miss Michelle from MMT Philippines, Mr. Rian from Eastrong Indonesia,
Mr. Justin Tham from Eastrong Vietnam and
Mr. Gerard Goh from Eastrong Singapore

Group photo with SGNC T-SHIRT (Thanks to the sponsor Alien Logistics Malaysia)

Group photo at the GALA DINNER with the James Bond and Celebrities looks.


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