SGNC 2024: A Global Call to Compassion
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SGNC 2024: A Global Call to Compassion

Dear Signature Global Network Family & Community,
In the spirit of our shared commitment to making a positive impact, the SGNC
2024 in CEBU, Philippines is not just an event—it’s an opportunity to extend our
reach beyond logistics and embrace the power of compassion.
Join Us in Making a Difference:
After the SGNC 2024 concludes, the SGN Team is embarking on a heartfelt
outreach initiative, focusing on families facing immense challenges, particularly
children battling cancer. We believe in the strength of our community to make a
meaningful impact, transcending boundaries for a cause that truly matters.
Your Invitation to Give:
We are calling upon all members of the logistics world and beyond to join us on
this journey. A sponsorship of USD100 can contribute to this noble cause. For
those who generously give more than USD500, we will proudly display your logo
on a banner during the charity activity. All sponsors will have their company
names or individual names at the end of our finished video for this outreach.
Be Part of the Impact:
Every donation, regardless of size, will make a difference. Your support will help
us provide both financial assistance and essential items to these courageous
children and their families.
Capture the Moments, Share the Love:
The SGN Team will document this charitable endeavor, sharing images and
stories with all our sponsors. Your generosity will be acknowledged in our
finished videos, a testament to the collective power of compassion.
Ways to Support:
To contribute, simply email us at by using the
Email Topic: Signature Global Network Outreach Sponsorship.
Your support is not just a sponsorship; it’s a gesture of kindness that ripples across borders, bringing
hope to those who need it most. We shall use all donated money to buy things
and the rest donated to the charity organization.
Let’s make SGNC 2024 more than an event—it’s a beacon of compassion that resonates far beyond conference walls.
With gratitude,
Kristy Guo
Founder and President
Signature Global Network