Sam Wu – General Manager

Before I joined you guys, I was still unsure. After joining, I am already so sure, and I am in love with this family. You guys are so warm, helpful, professional and supportive. Thank you.

Ms. Jacqueline Buwule – Customer Manager

Really looking out for people and that is a great thing to do.

Mohamed Magdy Rashed – Managing Director

The service you provide is fantastic you are very active team indeed.

Thomas Herzog – CEO

Great time – new friends – what could be better than this – a safe journey back home to all and see you next year!

Gerard Goh – General Manager

It was a great time at the conference & big thank you shout out to Kristy @⁨Kristy Guo⁩
We are happy to meet everyone here. Catching up with old friends & meeting so many new ones.
Have a good flight home to all SGN members & we look forward to the next meeting already.
Wishing everybody good health & let’s all develop good business together under SGN!

Salim – Managing Director

Hey sweet Kristy, conference, all party was well organized, it was awesome ❤️


It was truly an honor to be able to attend such a greatest conference.
Everything was a wonderful experience beyond my imagination and I learned a lot from you all.
If you need assistance to/from Japan, please contact us at any time.
We, APEX are more than happy to cooperate with you.
Love SGN, Love you all.
Arigatou gozaimashita!!

Jasper – Business Development Manager

Good morning!

It’s a pleasure meeting everyone here! We gained a lot of not just friends but extended family!
Looking forward to further foster this newfound relationship!
We at Tri-Star Cargo Express Int’l. Phils. Inc. 🇵🇭will always be at your disposal!

Again, thank you and Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Kane Dyson – Founder & CEO

From Andrea and myself at Dyson Logistics, we would just like to say what an honour it was to meet you all and we look forward to working with you. Thank you Kristy for a great event.

MONTHIDA CHAIYAPON – Managing Director

I’m heading to airport in 1hr
Thks Kristy & SGN team to arrange such a warm n joyful meeting in This nice place HCM

Mr. BIRD – General Manager

Good morning all

It was very great conference and very happy to know this good network and all of you.
For thinking of Myanmar , Thailand, Cambodia, Laos that we can assist, just thinking of us, too.
Thank you very much.

Sawasdee krub.

Turgut ERKESKIN – President

Excellent three days with all of you …lots of fun and joy well as business…we are proud to be part of this great team.

Gavin Trapshah – Managing Director

Such an amazing group of people. It was great to meet and chat with all of you. I am filled with so many good memories from this conference and look forward to many more with this new family that I have 🤘

Vallabh A Joshi – Senior Manager

Hello.. Everyone!
I feel fortunate myself to be a part of the SGN team and meet you all joyful, fun, and loving professionals.
I thank Kristy for the well-organised event.. wish you all the best and confident to achieve our goals in the near future.. 👍

Jo – Managing Director

Hi everyone. This is Jo of OCL Korea.
Was really nice to meet you all 😍and now have to depart from SGN because have a very important event today. Otherwise, can’t see you all guys in the future again. 😜
Thank you all for your time with me in HCM.

Btw please watch the Gangnam Style video again and let’s dance together at next conference. 💃🏻🕺

Simon Cai – General Manager

Awesome conference! The best in my life!

Ian Davids – Managing Director

Thank you all for the wonderful memories. So well organized. Well done Kristy 👏

Roydon – Director

Thanks Kristy for everything, made some good friends, off to the airport,see you all soon.

Douglas Bertram Gozmao – Managing Director

We are leaving the hotel. Thank you, Kristy and all the wonderful folks in SGN. It was indeed a memorable few days. We look forward to working with all of you soon. Until the next time. Goodbye, and stay Blessed!👍🙏🥂

Turgut ERKESKIN – President

I am at the airport leaving with lots of good memories. You have created a miracle, Kristy.

Gavin Trapshah – Managing Director

Such an amazing group of people you have on board Kristy! You and your team did an excellent job! Looking forward to the next one 😍

Leslie Swamy – Managing Director

Thank you Kristy and team .. Meor, Mika, you guys were great.
Kristy, it’s been a lovely arrangement, and thank you once again …
To all our friends and partners (whom we connected and some couldn’t ) it was an amazing meet and connection for better prospects and business .. we wish you all the best for your success.

Ms. Lara

In SGN, we enjoy a community of professional, love & respect.

Mr Thomas

I highly recommend people to join because I have already joined. I come to Signature, and I stay for Signature.


Almost every day I receive emails from new networks to join.
I believe and I can tell the difference between SGN and the leadership Kristy you are able to lead and your passion to help others.
Kristy you have done a tremendous job of caring for the members.
I believe I can always get the answers if I face any problems and call SGN.
Recommend everyone join because you will see the difference!


SGN is nurturing the members and creating a family around the world.
SGN wishes to grow the members through video conferences, meet-ups and calls, and education programmes to bring value to the teams and company.


What we need is trust between the members, we want to work with members like a big family. In SGN, I feel like being in a big family.
I feel I could trust SGN members more than any other network.
I believe in SGN as I believe in Kristy who is always very knowledgeable in this industry.
I would recommend everyone who wants to grow their business to join!


The values of SGN are so good and super important.
Relationships are very important because it’s the fuel of our business.
Having mutual synergy is important to grow together.
I can see that SGN is very different from other networks in a good way.
I highly recommend others to join!

Gerah Goh

The skillset of Kristy… the dedication of the members… can only go in the right way!
Kristy is very responsive and dedicated, she is always available for us for 23 hours a day.
Not many networks put so much effort into their members
I appreciate all the staff coaching, members conferences and so on.
I highly recommend others to join!


SGN helped me to solve the problem when I couldn’t solve them by myself. We all need to join a network like SGN. I would highly recommend you join.
With SGN, we get the support that we need, good communication and cohesiveness, and a certain level of trust.
You (Kristy) immediately helped me solve problems that I couldn’t solve myself which turned into actual customers and cash for my business.
Some agencies look big on paper or look established, but the truth is they don’t want to work with you… with you (SGN) I can just call you and you help me solve my problems.
I highly recommend others join!