Ms. Lara

In SGN, we enjoy a community of professional, love & respect.

Mr Thomas

I highly recommend people to join because I have already joined. I come to Signature, and I stay for Signature.


Almost every day I receive emails from new networks to join.
I believe and I can tell the difference between SGN and the leadership Kristy you are able to lead and your passion to help others.
Kristy you have done a tremendous job of caring for the members.
I believe I can always get the answers if I face any problems and call SGN.
Recommend everyone join because you will see the difference!


SGN is nurturing the members and creating a family around the world.
SGN wishes to grow the members through video conferences, meet-ups and calls, and education programmes to bring value to the teams and company.


What we need is trust between the members, we want to work with members like a big family. In SGN, I feel like being in a big family.
I feel I could trust SGN members more than any other network.
I believe in SGN as I believe in Kristy who is always very knowledgeable in this industry.
I would recommend everyone who wants to grow their business to join!


The values of SGN are so good and super important.
Relationships are very important because it’s the fuel of our business.
Having mutual synergy is important to grow together.
I can see that SGN is very different from other networks in a good way.
I highly recommend others to join!

Gerah Goh

The skillset of Kristy… the dedication of the members… can only go in the right way!
Kristy is very responsive and dedicated, she is always available for us for 23 hours a day.
Not many networks put so much effort into their members
I appreciate all the staff coaching, members conferences and so on.
I highly recommend others to join!


SGN helped me to solve the problem when I couldn’t solve them by myself. We all need to join a network like SGN. I would highly recommend you join.
With SGN, we get the support that we need, good communication and cohesiveness, and a certain level of trust.
You (Kristy) immediately helped me solve problems that I couldn’t solve myself which turned into actual customers and cash for my business.
Some agencies look big on paper or look established, but the truth is they don’t want to work with you… with you (SGN) I can just call you and you help me solve my problems.
I highly recommend others join!