SGN Monthly Newsletter- March
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SGN Monthly Newsletter- March

1. Quick highlight of Jan Recap for SGN

1. SGN’s press release is published in The Loadstar:

Welcome to join us!

2. Below please find some of the videos which you missed on our launched event on 28th Jan. 2022

The name of the company:

The business and its members:

2. SGN Achievement BY Feb

Welcome to be the founder members and be the ancestors of our network. You are amazing!

Quote this month: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

What another great month we had! Let’s celebrate that we have got confirmed members which have already covered up to 17 countries of 53 cities/members offices so far, well done!

We have also got some amazing new members who have strong capabilities on airfreight, warehousing, E-Commerce and all logistics areas.

Make sure you start to communicate with each other through emails and meetings.

3. SGN Third-Party Partners & Sponsors

3.1. SGN’s on ITJ Daily and ITJ Website Started from 21st Feb. 2022

ITJ has 85+ years experiences on news and media and owning huge number of audiences across the globe. Our company banner will be there for the coming 12months at least.


3.2. SGN and Xchange

We decided to have the partnership with XChange for our members to use their service with better price.

Due to the container shortage situation, we think this is helpful for our members to consider as a back-up solution. SGN has no direct profit from Xchange, but we could be invited to their annual conferences and collaborating.

See more details as below, please feel free to email to SGN if you want to get discount with their service, which is exclusive to SGN.

Global Network and xChange Proudly Announce New Partnership Enabling Freight Forwarders to Lease, Buy and Sell Containers

This newly established partnership with Container xChange will provide SGN members discounted access to source containers in 2500+ locations around the globe. In addition to discounted access to the platform, this partnership will broaden SGN market visibility while providing members a competitive advantage in the container booking “competition”.

Members may use the platform to find new partners and manage end-to-end container logistics operations, including services like payment handling, trading buyer protection, container tracking premium, and wallet management. Through xChange, members gain greater market transparency, avoid demurrage & detention charges and enhance operational flexibility.

Based in Hamburg, xChange is one of the top ten logistics tech companies globally and is the world’s fastest growing neutral marketplace for container leasing and trading. With a vision to simplify the logistics of global trade, Container xChange connects industry players and brings them on one simple and efficient infrastructure to help them digitize their container logistic operations. SGN members will join more than 800 companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco, Sogese, Ocean Box, VMR Lines and Sarjak in revolutionizing their container sourcing method.

3.3. Utenant – Our First Local Sponsor

We only accept sponsors who could potentially bring our members benefits.

If you need any warehousing related services, this third party can potentially assist you. They could also potentially offer Tender Management service.

Please feel free to email us if you need recommendation with better price:

4,SGN Events & Coming Up Events

  1. 23/Feb- SGN-Kristy’s attending WISC Women event as speaker


It was a very successful evening, we’ve got almost 50 women all from supply chain industry. Our founder’s speech gave a great insight of the logistic industry now and future. It was also very inspirational. “It’s my privilege to be part of this wonderful event, thank you.” Our CEO said: “An opportunity to empower and inspire!”

4.2.: 8/Mar –International Women’s Day

As the important day for women, our CEO Kristy will be interviewed and producing some videos for supporting ‘International Women’s Day’.

Video will be posted in our social media channels.

We appreciate with your support in advance.

Find our social media channels through our website:

4.3.: Wohoo!! 22/Mar – SGN First Founder Member Event:

This is a SGN Members ONLY Event.

In this Event, we shall go through with many important topics internally.

Stay tuned with our successful stories, posts, photos and videos.

4.4.:  Apr – SGN Members/Sponsors Interviews

Being part of SGN members, we care about your voices. SGN members will be selected to be interviewed by our SGN Team regularly.

4.5.: 26/Apr – SGN Founder Member Event

Please get ready for our Founder Member 2nd Event in Apr. More details will be sent out.

Next time from Apr onwards, we shall be picking MEL/SYD 4PM which will be 10pm in CA, 6am UK, 7am Italy, 11:30 India, 2 pm Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

The meeting time will be adjusted to fit to various people from various countries.

4.6.:  SGN Members Staff Coaching & Workshop – From Apr onwards.

In SGN, we care about members and its staff. It is officially starting from early Apr., please stay tuned with our successful stories.

4.7.:  End of Oct/Early Nov – Possible 1st SGN Conference

We are still observing for the final date and place of our 1st conference, will keep you all updated by latest Jun./Jul.2022.

5. Media/Market Status

  • Launched since 28th Jan. for almost 1 month, we have:  
  • Up to 30 other global Companies expressed or approached with interests. We are not taking everyone as we care about ‘Quality’.

Facebook-285 Followers 269 people like our page; Linked-In:213 Followers.

  • 95% + followers are related to Logistics industries.
  • 1210 Profile Views per week of our founder
  • 15 + members HQ -Reaching to 20 soon and our founder members’ seats are running out soon.

We encourage you to introduce good people and companies to our group.

6. As SGN members, we always stay connected & we lift each other!

Communication is one of the most important things in our life, particularly in our network.

Our members found the most positive and proactive ways to communicate.

Your voice is important to us, please always share your thoughts with us so that we could grow together!

Sincerely yours,


Kristy/Cuilan Guo


Please email: if you want to stop receiving this newsletter by email.