SGN Monthly Newsletter – Feb
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SGN Monthly Newsletter – Feb

1, Happy CNY to all Chinese members in our group!

SGN team wish you all the best in the new year of Tiger!

It is funny that the new calendar and Chinese old calendar shares the same date, just different months. Usually, the companies or factories won’t be opened until 15th of Jan of Chinese Old Calendar which will be around 15th Feb.

Things will be slowly picked up from then on.

2, Welcome to SGN and quick view of founder members

Welcome to be the founder members and be the ancestors of our network. You are amazing! ‘ Quote: ‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started.’

Let’s celebrate that we have got confirmed members which have already covered up to 17 countries of 45 cities/members offices so far, well done!

3, SGN is in the news of The Loadstar! Woohoo!

SGN’s press release is published in The Loadstar:

Welcome to join us!

4, Business Opening & Next Event

Our Celebration of business opening with CEO’s friends last week was very good. It’s a pity that not all members could attend, so we have decided to make an official one in March/April time by inviting all founder members. You may receive more information by our next newsletters, please stay tuned.

Below please find some of the videos which you missed on the event last Friday:

The name of the company:

The business and its members:         

5, Sponsors

We have our very first sponsor of SGN which you could see from our website, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach to SGN team for coordination.

We only accept sponsors who could potentially bring our members benefits. 


6, Media/Market

We are in touch with some media companies to increase our network’s exposure and more exciting news will come through shortly, please stand by.


Your voice is important to us, please always share your thoughts with us so that we could grow together!