SGN Monthly Newsletter- April
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SGN Monthly Newsletter- April

Welcome to SGN and a quick view of founding members

Welcome to be the founder members and be the ancestors of our network. You are amazing!

Quote this month: ‘At first they will ask why you are you doing it, later they will ask how you did it. To action is the key.’

Let’s celebrate that we have got confirmed members 

55 offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, India, UK, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and Singapore. Members include experts in freight forwarders, E-commerce and Supply Chain Logistics Companies. Existing members whose additional offices about 70 under the existing HQ are potentially be joining in later or next year. We are also receiving daily/weekly member application request and we are filtering to achieve ‘qualified’ ones. 


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