Logistics Language 101: Easy Explanations
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Logistics Language 101: Easy Explanations

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Greetings, Logistics Explorers!

Join us once more as we illuminate the path through the intricate maze of freight forwarding terminology in this edition of The Logistics Beacon. We’re ready to unveil another batch of essential logistics terms that will equip you for smooth sailing in the dynamic world of supply chains. So gather ’round and let’s delve deeper into the lexicon of logistics!

  1. Inland Port:
    • Ever heard of a port without the salty breeze? Inland ports are strategic terminals located away from the coast, serving as hubs for the efficient transfer of goods between different modes of transportation.
  2. Perishable Goods:
    • Some cargo has a shorter shelf life than others! Perishable goods are items that deteriorate over time, requiring special handling and expedited transportation to maintain their freshness.
  3. Duty Drawback:
    • Think of it as a refund for imported goods. Duty drawback is a customs program that allows importers to recover duties paid on imported goods that are subsequently exported or used in manufacturing.
  4. FCL (Full Container Load) vs. LCL (Less than Container Load):
    • It’s all about container real estate! FCL refers to shipments that occupy an entire container, while LCL involves consolidating smaller shipments into a shared container to optimize space and cost.
  5. Carrier Liability:
    • Not all cargo is created equal, and carriers know it! Carrier liability refers to the legal responsibility of transportation companies for any loss, damage, or delay incurred during the shipment of goods.
  6. Bonded Warehouse:
    • It’s like a high-security vault for your cargo! Bonded warehouses are facilities authorized by customs authorities for storing imported goods before they undergo clearance or payment of duties.
  7. Pallet Jack:
    • It’s the unsung hero of the warehouse floor! A pallet jack is a manual or electric device used to lift and move pallets of goods within a warehouse, making light work of heavy loads.
  8. Just-In-Sequence (JIS) Delivery:
    • Precision is the name of the game! Just-In-Sequence delivery is a logistics strategy where components are delivered to a production line precisely when they are needed, optimizing manufacturing efficiency.
  9. Customs Brokerage:
    • They’re the logistics wizards waving their wand at the customs gate! Customs brokerage involves navigating complex customs regulations and paperwork to ensure the smooth clearance of goods across borders.
  10. Supply Chain Visibility:
    • It’s like having X-ray vision for your supply chain! Supply chain visibility refers to the ability to track and monitor the movement of goods in real-time as they flow through the various stages of the supply chain.


Armed with these indispensable logistics terms, you’re ready to chart a course through even the stormiest seas of supply chain management! And remember, our professional logistics pioneers, SGN Members, are here to lend their expertise and support every step of the way.


Until next time, fair winds and smooth sailing!
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