Logistics ABCs: Simple Definitions for Everyone
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Logistics ABCs: Simple Definitions for Everyone

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Ahoy, Logistics Explorers!
Prepare to embark on another exhilarating voyage through the boundless realm of freight forwarding terminology in this edition of The Logistics Dispatch. We’re here to unveil ten more indispensable logistics terms that will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the supply chain with ease and expertise. So batten down the hatches and let’s delve deeper into the world of logistics lexicon!
  1. Inventory Turnover:
    • It’s all about keeping things moving! Inventory turnover is a measure of how quickly a company sells its inventory within a given period. It’s a critical metric for assessing the efficiency of inventory management and the liquidity of assets.
  2. Transit Insurance:
    • Protecting your cargo on the high seas! Transit insurance, also known as cargo insurance, provides coverage for goods in transit against loss, damage, or theft during transportation. It offers peace of mind and financial protection for shippers and consignees alike.
  3. Routing Guide:
    • Charting the course for your shipments! A routing guide is a set of instructions and preferences provided by a shipper to carriers, detailing the preferred routes, carriers, and service levels for transporting goods. It helps streamline logistics operations and ensure compliance with shipping requirements.
  4. Intermodal Container:
    • The Lego bricks of logistics! An intermodal container is a standardized steel box designed for the efficient transport of goods across different modes of transportation, including ships, trains, and trucks. It’s the cornerstone of modern freight logistics, enabling seamless intermodal transportation.
  5. Drop Trailer:
    • Dropping off the load and hitting the road! A drop trailer is a preloaded trailer that is dropped off at a customer’s facility for unloading, allowing for convenient and flexible scheduling of deliveries without the need for immediate trailer retrieval.
  6. Consolidation Warehouse:
    • Bringing it all together! A consolidation warehouse is a facility where goods from multiple suppliers or locations are aggregated and combined into larger shipments for more efficient transportation and distribution. It helps reduce transportation costs and improve supply chain efficiency.
  7. Proof of Pickup (POP):
    • The first step on the journey! Proof of pickup is a document or record provided by a carrier or logistics provider to confirm the successful pickup of goods from the shipper’s location. It serves as a critical verification of the commencement of the transportation process.
  8. Pallet Pooling:
    • Sharing is caring! Pallet pooling is a collaborative arrangement where reusable pallets are shared among multiple companies or partners within a supply chain. It promotes sustainability, reduces costs, and minimizes waste associated with single-use pallets.
  9. Inbound Logistics:
    • The journey begins at home! Inbound logistics refers to the management and coordination of goods and materials flowing into a company’s facilities or distribution centers from suppliers or vendors. It encompasses activities such as transportation, warehousing, and inventory control.
  10. Last In, First Out (LIFO):
    • It’s all about order! Last In, First Out is a method of inventory management where the most recently acquired goods are the first to be used or sold. It’s a common approach used to reduce holding costs and manage inventory turnover effectively.

Armed with this treasure trove of logistics terminology, you’re ready to navigate the choppy waters of the supply chain with confidence and precision! And remember, our professional logistics pioneers, SGN Members, are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

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