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SGN’s custom video production is a professional remote video arrangement service.

We’ve experienced the rising need across the industry for videos to support company marketing, sales, and general business activity.

While some video needs require on-site servicing, many also need professional video arrangement with the use of paid stock footage.

Our team of creative story-tellers will sit with you through our initial briefing and understand your video brief, may it be any of the following (but not limited to):

Business Promotion
Product Promotion
Explainer Video
Business Promotion
Product Promotion
Explainer Video

Our team will then tailor a video according to the brief. This method is an effective process of arranging a video for business and marketing purposes, also cost effective as it eliminates the requirement to hire videographers, talent and location.

The process to your video arrangement:


Initial briefing session to understand the video requirements.


Development of concepts tailored to the briefing. 3 Concepts will be provided for clients selection and 2 revisions for final development of end result.


Delivery of design files in appropriate format for client use.

Other available services:

Video Editing: Available for retainer for or by project basis. A retainer arrangement will be priced based on output, while a project basis will be priced at $150 per hour on time spent.

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Build and Print Management?

We can offer build and print management at an extra cost.

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