Benefits of Signature Global Network Membership

There are numerous benefits in becoming a member of Signature Global Network
compared to many other networks including:

Attractive/Advanced Marketing and Promotion.
Establishing working relationships with strong-minded, elite and advanced companies in domestic and overseas locations in the industry.
Being able to participate in “E-COMMERCE & SUPPLY CHAIN ” services with qualified members accepted.
Having access to a network of pre-qualified or recommended/referred members.
Knowing that your receivables are secured by the Signature Diamond Fund -SDF.
Being able to attend a well organized Annual Conference designed to maximize business development.
It is limited to a maximum of 3 members in each city in general except for big cities countries like China, USA, India to name a few, where we will accept up to 5 or more members.
A generous interactive Referral Program that benefits members for their recommendations.
Weekly e-Newsletter covering member & industry news, new members, etc.
Regularly Brand Media Disclosure.
Creative teamwork of developing your company and business.
Grouped with people who have the same great mindsets and goals.
Continuous Improvement Program for Members.

Differences between SGN and competing networks

SGN offers the following…
Benefits & Quality
Management is focused on bringing benefits to members with Quality over Quantity
Passionate & Advanced
Passionate, always staying advanced and connecting to the world, embracing new tools and technology for our members to have more opportunities and first-hand knowledge/resources
Marketing & Business
Professional marketing investment brings much more business opportunities and market exposure
Reasonable & Professional
Reasonable annual membership and conference fees and a professionally organized and managed Annual Conference
A Management Team consisting of experienced industry veterans
Relationship Focused, Positive Network Environment
Dynamic growth in membership with qualified new members being added every week
A strict limit on the number of members accepted by city/country
A sophisticated member-friendly website with weekly E-Newsletters and other leading edge facilities; & Willing to listen to members voices, to do Continuous Improvement.
Different Add-Valued services such as E-COMMERCE, Sky Bridge, Supply Chain, Project Cargo/Heavy Lift; DG/Hazmat; Trucking & Intermodal, etc; Continuous Improvement Plan for Members Company and Staffs.
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Signature Global Network Annual Membership Fees:

We want to offer reasonable price, too cheap will bring low quality, too expensive
will Destroy good opportunities to bring good members. Guide as below:

USD$ 1,800
2nd Locations USD 500 each additional location
  • Diamond Fund USD$ 500 per country
USD$ 1,800
2nd Locations USD 500 each additional location
  • Diamond Fund USD$ 500 per country
USD$ 1,500
2nd Locations USD 500 each additional location
  • Diamond Fund USD$ 500 per country


Every SGN Member is required to participate in the SGN Diamond Fund at a cost of USD 500 per annum which covers all the Members’ registered offices in that country.

SGN demands high integrity when it comes to debt settlement between its members. Thus, SGN has created its own unique SGN Diamond Fund (SDF) procedures. The USD500 contribution to the Diamond Fund is per 12 month paid membership and the fund remains under the control/ownership of SGN and is not the members funds.

If a member leaves SGN there is NO refund on membership fee or SDF contributions. The other important rule is that any member reported for tardy payments up to 3 times may be terminated under the “3 TIMES ALERTING THEN YOU ARE OUT” rule. There will be no membership fee refunds if this action is needed.

We find you better partners
to work with to establish a
working relationship with.