A Heartfelt Throwback: SGN’s Humanitarian Actions
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A Heartfelt Throwback: SGN’s Humanitarian Actions

Relive a touching moment of solidarity as the SGN community rallied together to aid victims of the Türkiye and Syria earthquakes. Our committee board member, Mr. Turgut, and his company, Genel Transport, led the way as ambassadors for this donation, putting all efforts towards practical help for the victims in Türkiye. We, at SGN, represented by the Genel Mersin team, have reached 300 families across 21 different neighborhoods. Witness the impact of your contributions and the strength of our collective compassion.

Watch this👉 https://youtu.be/D5pc_rHaRHE?si=1ot4grq1KlrEvpoR


As we look back on our journey of compassion and unity, let us carry the spirit of giving forward,
knowing that together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.


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