A Believer Turning Her Dreams into Reality
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A Believer Turning Her Dreams into Reality

I dream, I believe, and then I can” is a motto that Kristy Guo (Cuilan) lives by.

About nine years ago, she had a dream to run her global network. She believed in it and made it come true by founding Signature Global Network PTY LTD in December of 2021.

An independent network, Signature Global Network (SGN) focuses on the principles of quality, trust, relationship-building, and mutual synergies. As its President, CEO, and Director¸ Kristy is striving to make the company the logistics “superheroes” HQ. She is ensuring that it becomes the “First One” that customers or logistics companies think of and turn to get help. In a short time, Kristy and her company have received tremendous recognition, including getting nominated for the 2022 AU Mumpreneur Awards and being a finalist for Leadership, Making A Difference in business and Humanity, Influencer, and Multi-cultural Business Excellence.


If one could choose a word to describe Kristy, it would be “believer.” She says, “As long as I believe, I am determined.”

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